The name Orange Dog is the
nickname of the Giant Swallowtail
Butterfly Caterpillar
(paplio cresphontes)

About Us

We are a native plant nursery in Forestville, ON, the heart of the Carolinian lifezone.

We have several years experience in growing native plants from seed, and want to do our part in reducing and reversing climate change and as a result see the reversal in the decline of many threatened flora and fauna.

The name Orange Dog is the nickname of the Giant Swallowtail Butterfly (paplio cresphontes). It only lays its eggs on citrus trees. In Ontario, we have two trees from the citrus family, Prickly Ash and Hop Tree. These are the only two larval host plants for the ‘orange dog.’ It is the largest butterfly in North America.


Why OrangeDog Native Plants?

There are many native plant nurseries out there. We want to be YOUR source. We are an online website to order the native perennials, trees, and shrubs for every habitat and ecosystem whether shade, sun or aquatic. We can supply needs for restoration projects. We source our seed locally. We are committed to biodiversity and restoration of natural habitats. We guarantee you will be satisfied or we will make it right. We grow our stock in and around Forestville which is minutes from Lake Erie near Long Point.

WHY Native?

Native plants are part of the natural ecosystem and biodiversity that was here before settlers came. They provide the necessary shelter, food and benfits to other natives flora and fauna. In addition, native plants know our environment and require little maintenance once established. This saves on water and they can survive the toughest of weather conditions.

Native plants provide pollinators with their necessary food important to the pollination process. Native plants provide a source for these pollinators which are in steady decline unless we provide the habitat for them in our own gardens and property.

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